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Web interface

While the core idea of Clockwork was always bringing php dev tools to the browser, not everyone wants to install a browser extension. Maybe you are not working on your computer, maybe you use an unsupported browser, or maybe you just prefer using web apps over browser extensions.

That's why Clockwork comes with a web UI, available at

This is a fully featured Clockwork app using the same code as the Chrome and Firefox extensions. This way you can use Clockwork anywhere, without installing extensions, yet we still don't inject anything to your application output.

Web UI will show all executed requests, which is useful when the request is not made by browser, but for example a mobile application you are developing an API for.

The web UI is enabled by default, if you'd like to disable it you can do so in the Clockwork configuration file.

You can also set the web UI to use dark theme by default, but individual users can also choose which theme to use by appending ?dark=1 or ?dark=0 to the url. This setting will be saved in your browser.