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Installation and some updates of the Clockwork browser extension require some privacy permissions.

Since our browsers handle a lot of personal information, we feel it's important to explain what we can do with each permission and why do we need them.

Permission to "Read your browsing history"

Clockwork uses the webNavigation API, used to detect navigation events, eg. entering URLs to address bar, clicking links, etc.

Used for the preserve log feature. When preserve log is off, we use this API to know when to clear the requests list.

Clockwork also uses the tabs API, used for interacting with open browser tabs.

Used for retrieving current page URL required for setting up metadata requests and Xdebug profiler cookies.

Permission to "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit"

Clockwork uses the webRequest API, used for observing HTTP requests made by the browser, including submitted data, URLs, full response content, with ability to block or modify these requests.

Used for observing incoming HTTP requests for Clockwork-enabled applications and loading Clockwork metadata from headers.

We immediately disregard any requests to non Clockwork-enabled applications, we never modify or store requests.

The extension available in the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Addons is always the latest tagged commit with no modifications.