29 Sep 2017
  • introductory blog post
  • added Web UI
  • added new Laravel cache data source
  • added new Laravel events data source
  • added new more robust metadata storage API
  • added automatic metadata cleanup (defaults to 1 week)
  • added better metadata serialization including class names for objects
  • added PostgreSQL compatibility for the SQL storage (thanks oldskool73)
  • added Slim 3 middleware (thanks sperrichon)
  • added PSR message data source (thanks sperrichon)
  • added Doctrine DBAL data source (thanks sperrichon)
  • changed Clockwork request ids now use dashes instead of dots (thanks Tibbelit)
  • changed Laravel and Lumen integrations to no longer log data for console commands
  • changed simplified the clock Laravel helper (thanks Jergus Lejko)
  • fixed wrong version data logged in SQL storage
  • removed PHP 5.3 support, code style changes
  • removed CodeIgniter support
  • removed ability to register additional data sources via Clockwork config


  • update the required Clockwork version to ^2.0 in your composer.json
  • PHP 5.3 - no longer supported, you can continue using the latest 1.x version
  • CodeIgniter - no longer supported, you can continue using the lastest 1.x version
  • Slim 2 - update the imported namespace from Clockwork\Support\Slim to Clockwork\Support\Slim\Legacy
  • ability to register additional data sources via Clockwork config was removed, please call app('clockwork')->addDataSource(...) in your own service provider


15 Sep 2017
  • fixed incompatibility with Laravel 4.1 an 4.2 (introduced in 1.14.3)


13 Sep 2017
  • added support for Lumen 5.5 (thanks nebez)


30 Aug 2017
  • added support for Laravel 5.5 package auto-discovery (thanks Omranic)
  • added automatic registration of the Laravel middleware (no need to edit your Http/Kernel.php anymore, existing installations don't need to be changed)
  • updated Laravel artisan clockwork:clean command for Laravel 5.5 (thanks rosswilson252)
  • fixed crash when retrieving all requests from Sql storage (thanks pies)


31 May 2017
  • fixed missing imports in Doctrine data source (thanks jenssegers)


19 May 2017
  • fixed collecting Eloquent queries when using PDO_ODBC driver for real (thanks abhimanyu003)


5 May 2017
  • added support for Server-Timing headers (thanks Garbee)
  • fixed compatibility with Lumen 5.4 (thanks Dimasdanz)
  • fixed collecting Eloquent queries with bindings containing backslashes (thanks fitztrev)
  • fixed collecting Eloquent queries when using PDO_ODBC driver (thanks abhimanyu003)
  • fixed collecting Doctrine queries with array bindings (thanks RolfJanssen)
  • fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility
  • replaced Doctrine bindings preparation code with more complete version from laravel-doctrine


25 Jan 2017
  • fixed compatibility with Lumen 5.4 (thanks meanevo)


24 Jan 2017
  • added support for Laravel 5.4 (thanks KKSzymanowski)
  • improved Laravel "clock" helper function now takes multiple arguments to be logged at once (eg. clock($foo, $bar, $baz))


18 Jun 2016
  • added collecting of caller file name and line number for queries and model name (Laravel 4.2+) for ORM queries to the Eloquent data source (thanks OmarMakled and fitztrev for the idea)
  • added collecting of context, caller file name and line number to the logger (thanks crissi for the idea)
  • fixed crash in Lumen data source when running unit tests with simulated requests on Lumen
  • fixed compatibility with Laravel 4.0


19 May 2016
  • switched to PSR-4 autoloading
  • fixed Swift data source crash when sending email with no from/to address specified (thanks marksecurelogin)


17 Mar 2016
  • added support for DateTimeImmutable in Doctrine data source (thanks morfin)
  • fixed not being able to log null values via the "clock" helper function
  • fixed Laravel 4.2-dev not being properly detected as 4.2 release (thanks DemianD)


23 Feb 2016
  • added support for Lumen 5.2 (thanks lukeed)
  • added "clock" helper function
  • removed Laravel log dependency from Doctrine data source
  • fixed data sources being initialized too late (thanks morfin)
  • fixed code style in Doctrine data source
  • NOTE laravel-doctrine provides ootb support for Clockwork, you should use this instead of included Doctrine data source with Laravel


7 Jan 2016
  • fixed collecting of database queries in Laravel 5.2 (thanks sebastiandedeyne)


23 Dec 2015
  • added Laravel 5.2 support (thanks jonphipps)
  • improved file storage to allow configuring directory permissions (thanks patrick-radius)
  • fixed interaction with PHPUnit in Lumen (thanks troyharvey)
  • removed "router dispatch" timeline event for now (due to Laravel 5.2 changes)


1 Sep 2015
  • added Lumen support (thanks dawiyo)
  • added aliases for all Clockwork parts so they can be resolved by the IoC container in Laravel and Lumen
  • fixed Laravel framework initialisation, booting and running timeline events not being recorded properly (thanks HipsterJazzbo, sisve)
  • fixed how Laravel clockwork:clean artisan command is registered (thanks freekmurze)
  • removed Lumen framework initialisation, booting and running timeline events as they are not supported by Lumen


6 Jul 2015
  • fixed SQL data storage initialization if PDO is set to throw exception on error (thanks YOzaz)


3 Jul 2015
  • added SQL data storage implementation
  • added new config options for data storage for Laravel (please re-publish the config file)
  • fixed not being able to use the Larvel route caching when using Clockwork (thanks Garbee, kylestev, cbakker86)


4 Feb 2015
  • added support for Laravel 5 (thanks Garbee, slovenianGooner)
  • improved support for Laravel 4.1 and 4.2, Clockwork data is now available for error responses
  • added Doctrine data source (thanks matiux)
  • fixed compatibility with some old PHP 5.3 versions (thanks hailwood)
  • updated Laravel data source to capture the context for log messages (thanks hermanzhu)


25 Sep 2014
  • improved Eloquent data source to support multiple databases (thanks ingro)
  • improved compatibility with Laravel apps not using database
  • improved compatibility with various CodeIngiter installations
  • fixed a bug where log messages and timeline data might not be sorted correctly
  • fixed missing static keyword in CodeIgniter hook (thanks noevidenz)
  • changed Timeline::endEvent behavior to return false instead of throwing exception when called for non-existing event


14 Feb 2014
  • improved Slim support to use DI container to share Clockwork instance instead of config
  • improved Slim support now adds all messages logged via Slim's log interface to Clockwork log as well
  • improved CodeIgniter support to make Clockwork available through the CI app (tnx BradEstey)
  • fixed Laravel support breaking flash messages (tnx hannesvdvreken)
  • fixed CodeIgniter support PSR-0 autoloading and other improvements (tnx pwhelan)
  • fixed file storage warning when recursive data is collected


22 Jan 2014
  • changed Laravel support to disable permanent data collection by default (tnx jenssegers)
  • improved Laravel support to return Clockwork data with proper Content-Type (tnx maximebeaudoin)
  • fixed CodeIgniter support compatibility with PHP 5.3 (tnx BradEstey)


14 Jan 2014
  • fixed incorrect requests ids being generated depending on set locale


13 Jan 2014
  • fixed Laravel support compatibility with PHP 5.3


13 Jan 2014
  • fixed Laravel support compatibility with PHP 5.3


12 Jan 2014
  • added support for collecting emails and views data
  • added support for CodeIgniter 2.1 (tnx pwhelan)
  • added data source and plugin for collecting emails data from Swift mailer
  • added support for collecting emails and views data from Laravel
  • added --age argument to Laravel artisan clockwork::clean command, specifies how old the request data must be to be deleted (in hours)
  • improved Laravel service provider
  • fixed compatibilty with latest Laravel 4.1


20 Dec 2013
  • NOTE: Clockwork\Request\Log::log method arguments have been changed from log($message, $level) to log($level, $message), levels are now specified via Psr\Log\LogLevel class, it's recommended to use shortcut methods for various levels (emergency, alert, critical, error, warning, notice, info and debug($message))
  • clockwork log class now implements PSR logger interface, updated Laravel and Monolog support to use all available log levels
  • clockwork log now accepts objects and arrays as input and logs their json representation
  • added support for specifying additional headers on metadata requests (Laravel) (tnx philsturgeon)


5 Dec 2013
  • added support for Laravel 4.1
  • added facade for Laravel
  • added ability to disable collecting data about requests to specified URIs in Laravel
  • added clockwork:clean artisan command for cleaning request metadata for Laravel
  • added an easy way to add timeline events and log records via main Clockwork class
  • added support for Slim apps running in subdirs (requires Clockwork Chrome 1.1+)
  • file storage now creates default gitignore file for the request data when creating the storage dir
  • fixed a few bugs which might cause request data to not appear in Chrome extension
  • fixed a few bugs that could lead to PHP errors/exceptions


27 Sep 2013
  • added support for Laravel 4 apps running in subdirs (requires Clockwork Chrome 1.1+)
  • added data-protocol version to the request data
  • updated Laravel 4 service provider to work with Clockwork Web
  • fixed a bug where Clockwork would break Laravel 4 apps not using database
  • fixed a bug where calling Timeline::endEvent after Timeline::finalize caused exception to be thrown
  • fixed a bug where using certain filters would store incorrect data


10 Jul 2013
  • added support for application routes (ootb support for Laravel 4 only atm)
  • added configuration file for Laravel 4
  • added support for filtering stored data in Storage
  • added library version constant Clockwork::VERSION


24 Jun 2013
  • initial release