Clockwork 1.12 and Chrome 1.6 released!


Showing where exactly was a database query called was requested on GitHub and something I wanted to do for the longest time. A recently released package Laravel Query Tracer adds this information into the query itself, which is a cool solution, but also a huge hack. I thought we could do better, so I've added native support to Clockwork.

While working on this, I've added collecting caller for log messages as well, which was also requested on GitHub, and collecting of model class name associated with each query. You can click on the file or model name to get a full path or FQCN.

This feature required support in the extension as well, so after a long time I've got to release a new Clockwork Chrome version. I've used this opportunity to update third party dependencies, cleanup some code and fix a few bugs, including a huge performance improvement when logging large objects like Eloquent collections in Laravel.

Most notable changes:

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