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Collected data

Collecting data about your application runtime is the core functionality of Clockwork. The collected data include:

The Clockwork server-side component collects the data, stores them in a persistent manner and serves them to the Clockwork extension or the web UI. To learn more about data storage options check the advanced "metadata storage" section.

By default Clockwork is enabled and collecting data only when the application debug mode is on. Once you deploy your application to production and disable the debug mode, Clockwork will no longer be active. You can explicitly enable or disable Clockwork as whole or the data collection in the Clockwork configuration file.

Some of the data is not collected by default as it may considerably increase the metadata size:

To enable collecting these items or to disable collection of some items use the "filter" setting in the Clockwork configuration file.

Clockwork also collects stack traces for log messages and database queries. This can be a lot of extra data if you log a lot of messages or make many queries. If this is the case you might want to disable this feature in the configuration file.

To see how you can extend Clockwork to collect your custom data see the "user data" and "data sources" sections.